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The Dalai Lama Foundation is not accepting unsolicited proposals, preferring instead to fund organizations identified by the Foundationt. A partial list of grantees is below.

To learn more, please contact the Trust at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



$268,947           The Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, UK

                          (Support research programs and promote humanity's understanding of compassion

                          and related values in line with its vision)

$50,000             Meridian Trust

                          (Support projects related to preservation and dissemination of Tibetan culture)


$250,000           Paul Ekman Group LLC

                          (Mapping Emotions Project)

$300,000           Tritiya Dharmachakra Foundation

                          (Promotion of Buddhist Culture)

$50,000             Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation

                          (Education of Aboriginal children in Ulluru)

$50,000            The Mutitjulu Foundation

                          (Education of Mutitjulu community - Indigenous people)

$75,000             The Community Initiatives

                          (Support The Dalai Lama Fellows program)



 $120,000          Lamrim Buddhist Centre

                          (Construction of the Thubden Shadubling Temple)

 $500,000          Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey

                          (Renovation of Community Hall)

 $500,000          Paul Ekman Group LLC

                          (Mapping Emotions Project)

 $117,250          Alex Norman

                          (Comparative Research Study on “The Ethics of Compassion of Tenzin Gyatso and the lta grub

                         kun btus and of Thomas Aquinas and the summa theological.”)

$13607.29         Network Ethics

                         (Dialogue on ethics online)



$50,000             Global Leadership Incubator

$72,588             Prajnopaya Fund Charitable Society

                          (Support health care and education project in Bihar)

$10,000             International Association of Tibetan Studies

                          (Conference support cost)

$50,000             Grand Maitreya Foundation

                          (Eco Project)

$250,000           Mind and Life Institute, MA ($50000/year for 5 years)

$720,000           Emory University , Atlanta, Georgia ($120000/year for 6 years)

                          (Emory-Tibet Science Initiative)



$200,000           Ti-Se Foundation

                          (Setting up fellowship in Tibetan studies at University of Oxford)

$150,000           Tibet Center-Huttenberg

                          (Support the work of center; international institute of higher Tibetan studies, promotion of

                         human values and preservation of Tibetan cultural heritage)

$50,000             Asral Center

                          (Support to keep children off the streets, sustainable livelihoods, education and

                          medicinal support)

$1,500,000        Save the Children Fund

                          (Nutrition for malnourished children in India)

$14,000             Joru Foundation

                          (Further studies of two Tibetan students)



$107,577.57       Twentieth Man Fund Inc.

                           (Street/abandoned children under its care in Melbourne)

$42,000              Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture

$100,000            International Committee of the Red Cross

                           (Famine relief fund to East African countries)

$85,195.12         Spring Dale Public School, Ladakh

                          (Support educational facilities and hostel accommodation for children from far remote village

                          including Teachers salary and training)

$1,200,000         Tibetan Canadian Culture Centre

                           (Construction of Centre for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies)

$30,000             Tibetan Development Fund

$68,000             Johann-Peter-Schafer-Schule

                          (Support for blind school in Germany)

$15,000             Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture

                          (International Buddhist Conference in Mongolia)

$50,000             Thai Red Cross Helps Flood Victim

                          (Flood victim aid in Thailand)

$50,000             National Disaster Relief Reduction and Risk Reduction and Management Center

                          (Tropical storm Washi relief fund)

$55,000             Sera May Dratsang Cultural Society, India

                          (Strengthening of monastic institutions in India)



$50,000              University of Wisconsin

                           (Waisman Center for Investigating Healthy Minds)

$50,000             The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT, MA

                           (Ethics Transformative values)

$43,200             Central Tibetan Relief Committee, CTA, India

                          (Support three Projects of Central School for Tibetan Chandragiri, Orissa, India)

$88,830              Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, India

                           (Tibetan studies and Buddhist philosophy)

$280,000           Tibetan Children's Education Welfare Fund, CTA, India ($56000/year for 6 years)

                           (Support students in research oriented courses and professional courses in India)



$50,000             Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

                          (Emory Tibet Science education program)



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